About Divetek

The main thrust of DiveTek is the ability to listen to clients and in turn, supply needed and up to date products and solutions. To this end DiveTek will endeavour to source or manufacture Gas Management Solutions which best fit the client environment.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to supply great quality product when the need is apparent.

Our main areas of expertise and supply are:

  • Technical Diving Gas Management Equipment
  • Nitrox Membrane manufacture and supply of bespoke Nitrox systems
  • Breathing Air High Pressure Compressors
  • Water Cooled Breathong Air Compressors
  • High End Yacht Fitouts
  • Gas Distribution Panels
  • Technical Diving Gas Analysers
  • Diving Analyser Sensors
  • Gas Boosters (AIR, Oxygen and Other Gases)
  • Aviation Gas Management supply
  • Aviation Gas Boosting Carts
  • Bespoke Gas Management Projects
  • Breathing Gas Purity Testing

Design, Sales, Installation, Service and Maintenance of complete gas management installations for many industries that require high quality, high pressure breathing air systems

With both principals of DiveTek active technical divers, you know that DiveTek has it's finger on the pulse of Australian technical diving and gas management needs.

DiveTek specialize in bespoke gas management systems such as Nitrox Membrane Systems and all facets of dive store and commercial installation. With over 30% of all membranes in use in Australia being designed, built and supplied by DiveTek, we are rapidly moving to the forefront of Nitrox supply.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to enquire about how we can help your business.

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